Changes applied to whole area??

there is a gun model that i downloaded and it is split into several shapes.
i tried to change the color and shaders of the handle by it seemed to be applying to the whole gun.
i selected the handle seperately and it didn’t fix anything.
pls help?

There are 3 parts necessary to render a mesh:

  1. The mesh itself
  2. A shader (code that defines what color to output based on the mesh)
  3. A material using the shader assigned to the mesh. This is where you can change inputs to the shader that are not defined by the mesh (such as which texture or color should be applied)

My guess here is that you have the same material assigned to multiple meshes. You should create multiple materials using the same shader and apply those materials to the different meshes.

Careful though, as too many materials (hundreds) can have a negative impact on performance.

Also consider making a game without a gun.