changes not saved in editor

Hi I am having a problem with editing a object in the unity editor and not having them saved when i go into game mode. For example: I want a rock in my game to be bigger, so i scale it up in size. It looks perfect in the editor, but i press play and my rock is still at its original size. Sometimes if i move an object, that doesn’t apply either, but not as much as the scaling problem. What should I do to fix this?

This can be caused if you are importing animations with your meshes. Make sure that you are not importing any animation, by disabling it in the importer.

Are you sure that the changes are not saved when you go into playmode? I guess you’re leaving playmode (stop the game) and in this case all changes are lost. All changes done in playmode are applied to a temporary scene. A scene can only be edited in editmode.

Make sure you set the playmode-tintcolor in the color settings to an unambiguous color (like light-red) so you don’t accidentally edit something in playmore.