Changes to scene show up in "Play" and "Build and Run" but not by running the built .exe manually

Topic sums it up but some additional details:
I have made changes to a scene such as moving the potion of a UI item and the changes show up when doing “Play” or “Build and Run”, but when I do “Build” and run from the created .exe the changes are not showing up and it appears to be a previous version.

I have double/triple checked the build is completing and new files are created and tried deleting and redoing.

Also, not sure if it’s related but when running from the built .exe manually - the “Made with unity” splash plays and then closes then opens again and plays and then the game loads.

When doing “Build and Run” the game that opens automatically does not have this double splash has all the updated changes from the scene.

More information on this. I figured I’d check the task manager after I open the game from the .exe at:

And somehow this is causing the steam install of it that I have been testing to run at:
D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Chain Drop\

What is going on?

So I deleted the steam install of it from my hard drive and now when I double click the .exe at:

The Unity splash screen plays, then closes and then steam opens and gives me this:


If I close down steam completely and then double click the exe at:

Again, steam opens up and gives me that install window… what is going on???