Changing 1 objects texture affects all textures

Im changing the x tiling and it changes it for all the textures. Note: it only changes the objects with the same texture. How do I make it so I can only change the tiling for the one object instead of the others. Oh and im brand new btw :smiley:

It is due to the the same name of the Materialā€¦Find and rename the material of the new object then remove the mesh renderer component and add it backā€¦ and Now add the material to mesh rendererā€¦

Use different Materials for different looking textures.

Materials are applied on prefabs(models), and textures are applied on the material. If many objects have same material, all of them will get changed if you change any one of them.

Reading the Doc is always helpful.

Changing the material will affect all the objects using the same material, an easy solution is to create another copy of the material via code like:

image.material == new Material(image.material)

after this line all the changes you are making on the gameobject material will affect only the new copy (which is specific for this object)