Changing a GUI String to read as a INT

Hi I’m making a level selector page and I need to put the level number over the GUI button. I have an Array that reads i as the number of the level but how can I get “i” to read out as a string and not a int.

GUI.Button(new Rect(btnX*i,btnY*i,btnSize,btnSize),"1",levelCheck ? lockLvl:btnLvl)

to equal as

GUI.Button(new Rect(btnX*i,btnY*i,btnSize,btnSize),i,levelCheck ? lockLvl:btnLvl)


GUI.Button(new Rect(btnXi,btnYi,btnSize,btnSize),“”+i,levelCheck ? lockLvl:btnLvl)

I just did “”+i, and it works perfectly. Just had a blonde moment