Changing a GUILabel text SIZE

Hello, I have seen many answers on questions very similar to this but, I am simply making a menu to start the game and i don’t want the font size for, “main menu” to be the starting font size of 12. I want it to be much bigger; here is my simple script:

function OnGUI( ) {
    GUI.Label(Rect(5, 8, 150, 80),"Pause Menu");
    /* Rect( HowFarFromLeftEdgeOfScreen=5, HowFarDownFromTop=8, Width=150, Height=80 */
} /* OnGUI( ) */

You can use a GUIStyle to edit labels, buttons, etc.
Make a separate script and attach it to a game object. After that, declare a public variable (outside of functions):

var menuStyle: GUIStyle;

This will create the Style on the game object the script is attached to. There you can edit all the stuff you want, like text colour, font, alignment, etc. After that, you can specify your custom style by using:

var menuStyle: GUIStyle;

    function OnGUI(){
    GUI.Label(Rect(5, 8, 150, 80),"Pause Menu", menuStyle);

Refer to the documentation here for further use: Unity - Manual: Customization

You can use GUIStyle

public class Menu : MonoBehaviour {
	public GUIStyle customGuiStyle;
void OnGUI()
		GUI.Box(new Rect(610,350,300,290), "Ping Pong", customGuiStyle);

By using GUIStyle you can change the size, colour, and etc. in the inspector menu

You’ll need to use

static function Label (position : Rect, text : String, style : GUIStyle)

instead of

static function Label (position : Rect, text : String)

and set the fontSize property of style.