Changing a variable in one script using another script

Is there any way to change a variable in one script by using another script?

There is a very simple way to achieve this using Public Static Variables

You can Create A public Static Variables in the Script so that they can accessed in other Script as well as their value modified

Here is the simple example:

public static int score;

Just for understanding assume that this variable is in Script called global.cs. Now you can easily access this variable anywhere(in any script) using

  int getscore=global.score;

Now to change this score variable which is in the global.cs file. You can simple do this

 int newscore=10;

or even directly just by this code


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Take a look at this
You just need to find the object, get the component that you want (your script), and, in this create a method to change the variable, or just change it, if its public.

Edit: Link Updated. Thanks OnyDeus - Meat5000