Changing alpha value of a canvas from a different game object

Hi all,
I am working on a game built from one scene.
this scene includes a canvas(called StartMenu) that is basically “covering” the game scene.
when the user puts his finger on the right spot, the canvas disappears(using StartMenu.SetActive (false)) and the game starts.
I am trying to make the transition “smooth” by adding a fading effect.
I attached the canvas with a script from the following tutorial:

link text

I am having problems activating the method FadeMe() for this specific Canvas.
this is how iv’e been trying to access it:

GameObject go = GameObject.Find("StartCanvas");
fadeScript = go.GetComponent<Fade>();

what happens is that, when the user puts his finger to start the game, you can see the score started increasing but the StartMenu canvas is not fading.

What am I missing here?

Following is the code attached on the Canvas game object

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Fade : MonoBehaviour {

	public void FadeMe(){
		StartCoroutine (doFade ());
	IEnumerator doFade(){
		CanvasGroup canvasGroup = GetComponent<CanvasGroup>();
		while(canvasGroup.alpha > 0){
			canvasGroup.alpha -= Time.deltaTime / 2;
			yield return null;
		canvasGroup.interactable = false;
		yield return null;

Did you make FadeMe() the function inside the Fade Sript public?

public void FadeMe() {}

Additionally, you did not post any code from within the Fade Script, so we don’t know if the problem is how you are accessing the function… or how you are changing the alpha…