Changing AlphaSelfIllum Shader to use Cutout?

I’m currently using the AlphaSelfIllum shader found here within a project however the edges end up with a faint white outline and quite blurry as shown below…

I’ve tried using a Transparent->Cutout->Diffuse shader
and the edges are far crisper and don’t have the white outline, this is perfect except it’s not self illuminated.

How can I adjust the AlphaSelfIllum shader to use this cutout method? I’ve never done any shader programming before so don’t really know what I’m looking for in order to get this to work…


this should do the trick:

Shader "My Shaders/CutoutSelfIllum" {
	Properties {
		_Color ("Color Tint", Color) = (1,1,1,1)
		_Cutoff ("Alpha cutoff", Range(0,1)) = 0.5
		_MainTex ("SelfIllum Color (RGB) Alpha (A)", 2D) = "white"
	Category {
	   Lighting On
	   ZWrite Off
	   Cull Back
	   Tags { "Queue"="AlphaTest" "IgnoreProjector"="True" "RenderType"="TransparentCutout" }
	   Alphatest Greater [_Cutoff]
	   SubShader {
            Material {
	           Emission [_Color]
            Pass {
	           SetTexture [_MainTex] {
	                  Combine Texture * Primary, Texture * Primary

thanks for the response!

that works but I still get a nasty edge… it’s nowhere near as nice as the edge when just using a diffuse… :s