Changing Animation Looping Range


I’m used to using 3dsMax, in which we have something very similar to what exists in Unity, in terms of looping modes and keyframe ranges.

Though, I’ve been trying to use Unity’s built-in Animation tools with no luck.

Say that I have created a new clip for a simple gameobject, and that I added a curve to its rotation xyz. The default range (which appears in color) is 1 second. So if I want to add a couple of keyframes at say frames 0 and 30 (0.5 sec), the animation will play from frame 0 to frame 60 before it loops.
Also, very often, if you scrub through time farther than frame 60, it’ll extend the range a few frames.

Furthermore, if you set the loop mode of the animation clip to ‘loop’, then the range will always expend to the farthest you scrubbed in the timeline.

I have looked in the Script Reference, it seems that this ‘range’ property isn’t exposed anywhere.

Isn’t there a way to edit the ranges in editor ?
I want to make a 360 degrees loop that repeats properly. I need to set the range to frame 0-59 or 1-60 so that I skip the frame where the rotation is the same as last (or next).

Am I going to have to go back in 3dsMax ? I wish I could do this in Unity :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading…

I had exactly the same issue but the following advice seemed to work for me: