changing animation of a character

So, I am working with a penalty kick game. I have downloaded a 3D model in asset store and find it easier to work with rather than importing from an external file (I’m not really good with this area). This 3D model comes with different animation which I find very useful in my game.

As a start, I assign the IDLE animation to the model and hit run, so far it’s looking good and smooth :slight_smile: However, I’m stuck with how I’m suppose to change the animation to the other like RUN or WALK during a particular event. Let’s say I already have an event setup so what I need is a way to assign RUN animation to the model when the run event is triggered. Anyway to do this? Thanks in advamce. :slight_smile:


reading the unity script reference, I got something like Animation object but is still unsure of how to work on it.

ok I got it, just have to play with Animation.Play function.