Changing app version appends the new string to the old one in xcode


I'm using Unity 2022.3.22. When I change the app version and build for visionos, in xcode the version string gets appended to the old one. For example, if it was 0.2.1 and I change it to 0.2.2 in build settings, in xcode it turns into "0.2.1 0.2.2" instead of just 0.2.2

On a quick check on newest version (Unity 6) I couldn't reproduce it
(Setting iOS Version to 0.2.1 and VisionOS to 0.2.2, in the exported Xcode project for VisionOS the CFBundleShortVersionString was correct)

I'd suggest double checking newest 2022.3 version, and if you can still reproduce to make a bug report.

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2022.3.27 still has the issue