Changing build index of scene


is there a way I can change the build index of a scene?
I want to make the index to 100 / 200 / 300 so I can refer to my levels as easy/ moderate/ hard.
That way I can just order the levels in easy as 101,102… so index%100 would give me the level number in the current difficulty.

Thank you in advance!

I dont know any way to do this. I understand your idea, but the only way to change the build index is by changing this in the build settings. You could create a method which would load a scene from an "ID". The idea is , that you assign IDs 101,102… to certain levels.

Lets say, you get the index of the first level in each category on start and you assign these IDs to the levels from the index of the first level in each category to the first level in the next category - 1 by index.
I hope you understand my idea.

private int easyIndex;
private int mediumIndex;
private int hardIndex;

void Start() {
 easyIndex = //Get first scene of the easy category by name
 mediumIndex = //...
 hardIndex = //...
 //Loop through all the types levels and create either an array or a class with the ID`s and assign the values

//Method to return the scene by it`s ID

Now you can load the scene by its ID.
I hope this helped you.


If i was unclear in describing my idea, just tell me, I will try to explain it again. :slight_smile: