Changing camera waypoints with collison


I’ve been trying to make the following: Camera moves above player in pre-selected way. Player can’t leave cameras sight. Player mainly just moves forward, BUT if player chooses other route (collides with thing), script changes cameras waypoints to be, also premade route, different ones. I’ve thought it to be something like:

if gameobject tagged player collides with ThisWayChangerCube {
change waypoints a1 to b1 and a2 to b2

dunno why I even wrote that here, its just same thing I explained but in geekier way.
Problem is I just don’t know how to change those waypoints when two objects collide… or actually I don’t know how to change those waypoints with anything else than pulling those waypoint spheres to their places…

Code is not made by me, its same as this! It just fits perfectly to my purpose, or so I’d like to think. Or is there easier/better way to solve this problem?

Problem solved. I noticed I don’t have to change waypoints, I can just move them with OnTriggerEnter to place where I want. Simpliest solutions are always hardest to figure out…