Changing Cameras

Hi guys can you please help me with a script where i can change from one camera to another within the same scene, when the mobile device’s orientation is changed from landscape left to right. I am using Unity for android…

Thanks in advance

Check out these links:

  3. Main Camera Switch? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

Don’t forget to use the search function (both here and on google). For detecting orientation, see the docs here.

Depth is like your camera layers. A camera with a depth of 1 will always overlay a camera with a depth of 0. But you might also want to enabled or disable the off camera or just switch how one camera functions on the event of orientation change instead because if I am not mistaking, 2 cameras with 2 depths means 2 renders? not sure about that but it would make sense to me that it would take more to compute because you are able to overlap partially.