Changing Child objects' position

As a first time unity user, and getting used to c#, I have imported an assembly from Autodesk Invetor as a .obj file so that I can use it in Unity.

When I place the assembly and look at an individual part’s position in the Transform panel, it says that the position of each part (child object) is ( 0, 0, 0). From what I understand this is the local position, or the offset of the child from the parent, but the offset should be larger than 0 since they are not piled on top of another.

I would like to create a method to move all of the child objects (the parts in the assembly) away from the parent object (the assembly as a whole?) in order to create a sort of exploded view. However, whenever I subtract the two positions to create a vector3, it appears as 0 when printed.

I never worked with Autodesk Invetor.

However, it might be the case of simple-linking issue.
If there is a functionality to “parent” your exported items to some tiny object, try doing it, and export everything with that parent object. When you bring it into unity, positions might be spaced out correctly.

You could then remove meshRenderer and meshFilter from the tiny parent object.