Changing collider's center changes the position of the position handle? wtf?!

So I’ve been messing around with custom editors for colliders trying to control their center by means of a position handle. I commented out my custom editor so now I’ve fallen back to the default way Unity draws its colliders (box, sphere, etc). But now I’m faced with a very odd behavior… it seems that if I change the center of a collider, the transform position handle changes its position! - Made a video.

I have absolutely no idea why it’s happening… I’m pretty sure my custom editor is commented out… Is this the normal behavior? I don’t think so…

Any ideas?


OK that was very disturbing. But at least I’m not crazy. The issue was with the pivot mode, I changed it to “Pivot” and everything’s working as expected as opposed to F’ed up when it’s “Center”. Who uses Center mode anyway?!