Changing color of a 3D text

Hi, I’m making a menu for my game, and I use 3D text for each option on the menu. The color I used for my 3D text is brown. I also attach a script for my text. when mouse moves over each option it changes color.
here is the script:

function OnMouseEnter()
renderer.material.color = Color.white;

function OnMouseExit()
renderer.material.color =;

Well, the code works, my problem is that brown isn’t one of predefined colors. For example if the mouse goes on the text it changes color to orange, and when it goes over text color become the same as before, and becomes brown. Is it possible to do that?
And by the way I forgot to tell that I’m a newbie to unity and also coding. :slight_smile:

It is certainly a bit late to answer this question for you. But apparently you need first to have a specific material for each of the elements of your menu. I advise thus that you duplicate the material in the start function. It may also be a good moment to save the initial color of your material. Then you need to define when/how you want to return to the initial color once you exit from your option. Good luck.