Changing distance between characters in a custom font.

Ok, so, I have setup a custom Font, where I edit how the font has been setup. I generated the font with Unity Font Mapper, and I get the fonts in a grid. I also exported a text file with all the character Width's.

The Font displays fine, but it draws the characters with equal distance between them, which makes the words look odd.

I assumed that I would type the spacing info into the "Per Character Kerning" Fields. However, it doesnt seem to respond to anything I type in there.

The font file is a 10x10 grid, so 100 Characters. I assume I would need 100 elements then, and type in the character width for all. This Per Character Element has 2 Fields, Element 0 and then First and Second. I read somewhere that I should type in the character in the first field, and the actual value in the second, but the first field won't allow Letter input, only numbers.

In any event, I tried with 0-10 in it, and that didnt seem to work. No respons from that.

So, any idea what I can do? Basically, I just want to use an edited bitmap version of a Font, and I can't be the only one wanting this :)


You don't necessarily need 100 elements; you only have to specify spacing for characters whose spacing differs from the default spacing. Make sure you're using Unity one point (2.5?) the font system reverted to having to use Unicode numbers for the characters, but in 2.6.1 you can just use letters again, which is much simpler.

Okay, it seems typing in the ascii value of the letter worked.

So, code in First element, and offset in the second. There's a good web page for the codes.