Changing enum values

Hi there everyone.
Here is my problem: I have a enum(outside of the class), I need the values of this enum. I can access these values but I can’t change them. Unity doesn’t give any errors. its just not working(and I’ve added the script to a gameObject).

Here is what I have tried so far:

`//the enum

enum Skill{
strenght = 1,
constitution = 1,

public class Skills : MonoBehaviour {

//access enum
Dictionary mySkills = new Dictionary();

//try to modify enum…

void start(){
mySkills[Skill.constitution] = 3;


enums can’t be changed. You will want to use integers instead;

public class Skills : MonoBehaviour {
private int strength = 1;
private int constitution = 1;
void Start()
	constitution = 3;

Enums ARE useful, just not in the way you’re trying to use them. As Maui has already said, create a class containing integers to fulfil your needs. An example of an enum would be:

enum Skill { Fighter, Monk, Ninja, Healer, Tank }

public class Character : MonoBehaviour {

Skill skill = Skill.Fighter;  // This character is a fighter
int strength = 10;
int dexterity = 8;


Elsewhere in your script you can check what sort of character you’re dealing with:

if (character.skill = Skill.Ninja) { useKatana = true; }

and so on…