Changing Eye Colour (Colour only non-white parts of a texture?)

I’m fairly new to working with 3d models, so forgive me if I’m misunderstood some fundamentals here.

I’d like to change the eye colour of a model. There’s a separate material for the eyes already, though right now, if I colour the material, it colours the whole eye, not just the pupils. (e.g. 699-redeyes.png

Is there a way to colour just the non-white parts of the material? I am guessing that this may be something which can be achieved with shaders, but any help getting started with that would be appreciated.

Or, alternatively, if I am approaching this in totally the wrong way, do let me know! Would a better approach be to have a number of different eye textures altogether?

I would just create a texture with the desired look. Unless you have a reason for wanting it to be coloured in unity? In that case you could create different textures/materials and switch between them with a script. You will be able to create the look your going for much easier with textures rather than solid colours.

You could make three textures (red, green and blue) and let the player mix those.