changing from one FPS to another

hey everyone

is it possible to have 2 firstpersoncharacters in a scene and change between them on button?
i know its possible to change between cameras but wasnt sure if its also possible between FPS

all the bests

If you know how to change between cameras, could you not also change between two transforms (i.e. the characters) manipulated by your InputManager?

So say you have something like

//assign in inspector
public transform FPS_one;
public transform FPS_two;

private transform currentFPS

void Update ()
    if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.S))
        if (currentFPS == FPS_one)
            currentFPS = FPS_two;
            currentFPS = FPS_one;

    //do stuff with current FPS

Theres propably a more elegant way. But that should be possible no?