Changing input sensitivity via scripting (JS)

Ok, so I already Google’d this, and didn’t get an answer I’m satisfied with, that’s why I’m bringing it here.

Here’s my problem:

I have a menu script that utilizes the “Vertical” key. (currently testing on keyboard input) In order for the highlighted selection to not always go to the top choice I changed the sensitivity in Unity Input Manager to 0. Works like a charm. EXCEPT that once in game the player won’t stop walking. So I set sensitivity back to 3, the default. Works like a charm, EXCEPT now in aforementioned menu script the highlighted text snaps back to the top selection. (Bear in mind that ALL of this has occurred in the editor. No changes were made via script. So my question is this: can I change input sensitivity via script during the game? I really like that setting for each intended use, but am not sure if it can be done. Thanks for any help.

You can declare another “sensitivity” variable in either your menu highlighting script or player movements script, then multiply the value you get from Input.GetAxis(“Vertical”) with that sensitivity variable.
Currently, you can’t change the variables of the InputManager from a script, Unity team is actively working on a new Input system that will probably have this feature.