Changing iOS screen brightness setting?

Anyone know how to access & change the iOS screen brightness setting?

I am working on a game with dark visuals, and in bright lighting conditions it quickly becomes difficult to read. I’d like to add a way to bump up the screen brightness.
I won’t use image effects, or other renderings tricks, as it will only get you so far if the screen itself is set to a low brightness…

It appears to be possible using UIKit with “[UIScreen mainScreen].brightness” But I have no clue how to actually use that, so I’d rather do it right in my Unity script. And so far I haven’t found a way to do it through the API.
Is it possible at all?

Nope, we ended up making a brighter scene. :slight_smile: (our art direction was way too dark anyway)
But that was two years ago maybe it is possible now. I don’t know.

For anyone wanting to do this, it’s possible using Dimmer: Dimmer | Integration | Unity Asset Store

One of our apps needed to brighten up the screen when it needed attention after sitting idle for a while, and I figured I wasn’t the only one who could use this functionality so I built Dimmer. It works for both iOS and Android too.

Hope you find it useful.