Changing lighting in-editor pre/post build

Hi all, I’ve tried searching this one, but struggling to find anything relevant.
When I start my editor up, the Scene view looks like it does when the game is run. Fine.
However, after I build the game, everything looks very dark and contrast has increased, but only in the Scene view - the Editor view still looks normal, and the game plays fine.

Taken about a minute apart, pre and post build.

It’s not that it effects my use of Unity, but I really like the contrast-y look, and would love to re-create that for my game.
It’s probably something really simple I’m missing, bit can’t for the life of me suss it.
Can anyone help please?
Many thanks

It’s the sun icon here alt text

It turns the lighting in the scene on and off. When the lighting is disabled, the objects are lit depending on the camera’s rotation. (Think of a generic directional light without shadows whose rotation is the camera’s rotation)
PS: A good way to get a contrast-y look would be to increase your lights’ intensity and decrease the ambient lighting. (Edit->Render Settings)