Changing LineRenderer color over time in update

I have searched all over and cant seem to find the answer that works for me. Basically I am trying to change the color of a LineRenderer over a specific time interval so it may change to a randomly created Color value. I can Debug.log my new color and it works there, but in the actual game itself the lines are still white and not the given new color. The commented portion of my code is another way that I tried but still did not have success with.
Here is my code:

and here is my console output:

the problem is… the 1 run between (0f,1f) values, 255 is far away overflow, probably will always be clamped to 1, so, change line ? with

 Color newColor = new Color(Random.Range(0f,1f), Random.Range(0f,1f), Random.Range(0f,1f), 1f);