Changing my character's clothes and environment in 2D

I am doing a game which player pressed a f button the environment and character’s clothes change. Like a two scene almost fimiliar but I want it to be not seperate scene, I want it in the same scene. I am focusing on a dream theme so when I press f, environment and my character chance a bit to show that dream theme. Is there any guideline or idea which can help me while writing it’s code? It is 2d game.

you could make all the clothing a child of the player and in the player script you just say when you press f it sets some of them active to true and others to false, you could do the same with the environment.

I would put all that in the player script since it’s the play that affects the changes.

I can’t remember the code off the top of my head but I believe it would be something similar to

 //i'd put this in my game manager or some manager script
 public bool asleep = false;

 void Start()
         asleep = false;

this part would go in my player script

 void Update ()

 public void Dreaming()
      if (input.getkeydown(keycode.F))
           //you'll need to access the manager Script, that you put the bool in, here
           if (GameManager.gameManager.asleep == false)
                GameManager.gameManager.asleep = true;
                 //these clothes are children of the player, the clothes would start as active and the sleepClothes as inActive (you set that in the editor)
                //you'll need to access another script that controls the background here, you'll want to make that script a public static backGround (whatever you name it)
          if (GameManager.gameManager.asleep == true)
                GameManager.gameManager.asleep = false;

SO, if i did this I’d have 3 scripts
GameManager which controls my overall bools
BackGroundManager which would go on my mainCamera for a 2D game
Player Script