Changing one keyframe in my animation changes all of them

I made plenty of 2d before and i never had this problem until today. I just cant figure out why. I am making an animation using the sprite renderer and changing sprites like usual in the inspector. the problem is that now changing one key changes all of them. i found a work around by dragging the sprites into the animation but now im trying to animate the color property and I can not get around this issue.

Do you use Animation component or Animator?

Sprite-Switching animation must be an non-Legacy animation or it may not work.Means you should use Animator and create an animation clip in it.

I don’t know if it is a bug, like you cannot change color on UI element via animation directly.

It’s simpler than that.
With your marking line (red/white line) away from your Keys, left-click on the Key you want to select it, before you right-click. If you just right-click, it will change all Keys in that row. Once selected, you can modify the Key individually. You will notice the selected Key as it usually turns blue.