Changing particle data upon collision.

When a particle collides with a gameobject and the OnParticleCollision is called, is there a way to change a property of the specific particles that collided? I know that using GetCollisionEvents gets you the normals and the location of the collisions, but I’d like to retrieve a list of particles that have collided with the gameobject, not just the collision information. Is there any way that I can achieve this?

The Collider receives at most one message per Particle System that collided with it in any given frame even when the Particle System struck the Collider with multiple particles in the current frame

The ParticleSystem receives at most one message per Collider that is struck.

So both parties only receive one message per frame, even if multiple collisions occur, which means they probably don’t know every collision that occurred, so no :stuck_out_tongue:

what exactly are you trying to do?