changing pivot's placement

Hi guys!

I’m trying to change my prefab’s pivot position but I can’t do it, not even from objects already placed in the world.
I’ve tried to play with the buttons in the interface’s toolbar (, but it always moves the object, not the pivot.

How can I achieve this?


pivot is a zero-point for model. all model’s vertices are stored in XYZ relative to this point. so, to move pivot you should update all vertices. so:

solution 1

move it in 3d software and reexport

solution 2

make a script that will update all mesh vertice's coords

solution 3

make an empty GameObject and make your transform as child for emptyGO. move child relative to emptyGO to position you need, use emptyGO as pivot.

Hi guys, i know its a little bit too late for this answer, but I’m here in 2019 :).

So, if you’re using a prefab and the pivot is off, ( not where you want it to be ), you can create an empty actor inside the prefab, add every model of the prefab inside your new empty actor, this is the tricky part.

You need to reference the prefab pivot with the grid, move your new empty actor so all the assets inside the prefabs are exactly where you want them to be ( remembering where your old pivot point was ), then unparent the assets from the new empty actor and the pivot will be exactly where you want it to be.

Note: If you have this prefabs in the scene already, you will need to rearrange your scene because the assets will change place.