Changing Prefab's child position after Instantiate

Hello Guys, I am making Spinning Endless Runner game. I have watermelons to slice.
Here is a video:

I can slice watermelons until 8th second. my second instantiated prefab is coming after that. My first and second prefab’s children have exact same position. I need watermelon’s position to slice. However, my slicing always happening at 1st prefab’s position.

here is my prefab.

 private void spawnTile(int prefabIndex = -1)
        GameObject go;
        go = Instantiate(tilePrefabs[0]) as GameObject;
        go.transform.position = Vector3.forward * spawnZ;
        spawnZ += tileLength;

I tried localPosition instead of go.transform.position it didnt work.

Hi guys.

localPosition is a common answer but it isn’t for me.
make sure that your gameobject’s transform.position right.
I used Debug.Log and i understand that my transform.position is not right.

That update fixed my problem.