Changing project templates mid-project

I’m working on a mobile 2D game in Unity 2018, and was looking to add some simple post-processing to the game through the post processing stack, perhaps just a simple LuT image adjustments, only to realize its not there under the 2D project template.

I can’t find much information specifically to this issue, so I’m assuming you can’t just add that feature to a project built under 2D template. I thought perhaps I could manually adjust some project settings, but am not sure which change or if that is even possible.

I guess the best bet is to just turn it into a project using the light-weight rendering pipeline, but I don’t know if you can switch to a different project template without creating a new one from ground up and import all the assets again.

Is this possible?

There is no any difference between 2d and 3d template in the way that you may be missed some part of the engine, moreover, you can even switch to other unity version at any time (simply by opening your project using other runity version), it can break some of your scripts tho. In unity 2018.2+ you add post processing features using package manager.

That was what was confusing me, because the Package Manager actually said that Post Processing was already added, but I had the inability to add that game object or component because the functionality within the editor was gone, and the scripts didn’t exist.

I had to actually just recreate the project under a different template, and reimport all my assets.

just create a new game with your desired template and name and copy-paste all your assets. peice of cake!