Changing scene with button android

Hi everyone. I thought that changing my scenes was an easy part of my project but it doesn’t work.I’m creating an android project. I have a menù and some buttons in it. I made the script with the function for changing scene. The button is interactable. I put this function in the OnClick () of the button. But either with the mouse and with the unity remote the button doesn’t work at all. What am I missing? Thanks

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class MenùSelector : MonoBehaviour {

public void SceneSelector (int ScenesIndex)
Application.LoadLevel (ScenesIndex);


Hi, i don’t think you can have a parameter in the function you call: int ScenesIndex is never set.

public void SceneSelector () {
   int ScenesIndex;

   //You need to find a condition like with checkboxes
   //or based on the name of the button that calls this function

   if () {
      ScenesIndex = 1;
   } else if () {
      ScenesIndex = 2;