Changing Script has no effect(Not Recompiling?)

The game plays the same everytime no matter how I change my scripts. e.g.

I took the third person shooter example and loaded it into unity and got it running fine. But then I wanted to make some changes just to see my changes in the game(Good sanity test that I'm failing so far).

Few things that I changed in the scripts.

MoustSensitivy I set from 15 to 60(Should be able to notice). ClipSize and Bullets changed from 7 to 2. Damage changed from 3 to 101(Should be a 1 shot kill with 100 health).

I changed these fields and then did a build and run and the changes have no effect, clip sizes are still 7, still takes many shots to kill and be killed and the camera still move really slow. I've also tried building to a different exe file and using it directly and the same thing happens.

These are c# files that I'm changing, thank you very much for any help that you can offer.

If these are public variables, changing them in the script won't affect the game. The value assigned in the script is the default. Once the script has been attached to an object, you need to tune them via the inspector.

i had something like this happen to me, it actually had to do with my builds. delete your old builds and make a new one with the changes in a new place. what happedn was every time i built out it would use things from an older build

Make sure your code is compiling correctly. Press the clear button in the console window -- if you still see errors then the code isn't being rebuilt because there is an error in a script that you need to fix. You can still run the game, but it will use the previously compiled code.