changing sprites depending on int value

I have an object in my 2d game and I want the image rendered to differ depending on the value of an int (curHealth).

public class PlayerHealth : MonoBehaviour {

	public int curHealth = 3;
	private SpriteRenderer myRenderer;

	public Sprite[] CookieLife;

	void start (){
		myRenderer = gameObject.GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>();
		if (curHealth == 6) {
			myRenderer.sprite = CookieLife[5];
		if (curHealth == 5) {
			myRenderer.sprite = CookieLife[4];
		if (curHealth == 4) {
			myRenderer.sprite = CookieLife[3];
		if (curHealth == 3) {
			myRenderer.sprite = CookieLife[2];
		if (curHealth == 2) {
			myRenderer.sprite = CookieLife[1];
		if (curHealth == 1) {
			myRenderer.sprite = CookieLife[0];
		if (curHealth == 0) {
			//destroy object and end game


I added the images (whom are from a sprite sheet) to the list through the inspector.

I am new to programming so looked around for what other people have done an made this piece of code, but I cannot get it to work - the console doesn’t show any errors, so I really have no idea what is wrong.

I looked at the following questions to get inspiration:
Change Texture2d of sprite within sprite renderer during runtime - Unity Answers and

Your problem lies in the fact your running your code in Start instead of Update.

The start function executes once when you object “starts” up. Update executes once per frame.

Try changing the line:

void start (){


void Update(){