Changing the color of sprite that has animator attached.

I have an animator that fades in the menu with images. when a button is pressed I want to change the color of the sprite, but I want to do this outside of the animator and through code use this

NewGameBtn.color =;

Is there are a way to override the animator without disabling it

Hi @syndicategamedev Since Fade animation is changing the alpha of the color, and in your script you’re assigning a color to it, hence changing its alpha too.
You can use the On Click event of buttons, and invoke a function that starts a coroutine that gradually changes the color of sprite but doesn’t change the alpha(since alpha is affected by fade animation and we don’t want to override it via code). To gradually change color you can use Color32.Lerp function.

Another alternative I suggest is to change the color via the same animation that fades the sprite.

I’m curious about this too. Can you change the alpha of an invisible layer with script, overriding the animator? The animator is currently only altering position/bones. I’d like to add randomized graphics adjustments.