Changing the custom master servers default port ?

Hey !

I’ve just downloaded the custom master server to host my multiplayer game with. But I don’t want to use the default ports: 23466/50005 (Master Server/Facilitator).
How do I change these ? Do I need to change these in Visual Studio ?

I haven’t seen any documentation of this, so any answer is appreciated.

Thanks in advance !

If you open MasterServer.h in Visual Studio, you will find this:

#pragma once

// Network packet types
enum {
		// Master server messages start at 200, is reflected in the Unity message types

static const int NATINDEX = 4;
static const int IPINDEX = 9;
static const int PORTINDEX = 10;
static const int GUIDINDEX = 12;

static const char* VERSION = "2.0.1f1";
static const int DEFAULTPORT = 23466;

Change the last line there to the port you would like it to be. I am not as familiar with the Facilitator (As I just downloaded the MasterServer and looked at it myself the other day), but I assume it would be in about the same location.