Changing the default project location

Every time I start a new project I have to click browse and navigate to where I store my projects on the hard drive. Is there any way to change the default project location?

Maybe you can create a shortcut to the Unity project file and put on your desktop, that way Unity will boot up that project when you click the shotcut.

Sorry to resurrect an old question, but I’ve found the answer, it’s a simple registry entry that needs to be changed. See here: for more information.

For Windows, Unity uses the personal documents folder as the default save-to location. As of Unity 4.6 this is not alterable nor does Unity save the last-used folder (unfortunately). I know this is a small feature but would be a nice time-saver for me.

If you’re running Unity on Windows then you can try launching Unity from a script which sets temporarily updates the personal documents folder and reverts the value when Unity is closed. Details can be found here Error 404 - Not found

Good luck!