Changing the font and size of GUI Text

How can I change the font and the font size of GUI text?

Youtube. It’s pretty easy.

I meant GUI text with coding.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class OnCollision : MonoBehaviour {

public Transform other;
void OnGUI() {
	if (other) {
		float dist = Vector3.Distance(other.position, transform.position);
		if(dist < 15 ){
			GUI.Button(new Rect(600, 100, 100, 100), "NO");
			GUI.Button(new Rect(800, 100, 100, 100),"YES");
			GUI.TextArea(new Rect (600, 250, 300, 100), "Do You Want To Open This Crate?");



So this is my code to create 2 GUI buttons and GUI text on collision. I want to change the font, font size, and the position of the GUI text. How can I do it.

All GUI methods also have an overload that takes a GUIStyle as parameter, You can modify that by script or, if you make it public, you can edit it easily in the inspector.