Changing the location of the SCENE camera(Not GAME camera)

Somehow, while lightmapping, my scene camera jumped to some ridiculous point on the map, somewhere around x -1e+07 y 8818820 z -1e+07.

Now frankly, this is absolutely horrendous. I cannot change the position of the scene camera by loading up a new area, or even closing and reopening Unity. I may have to re-build months of work with my game, but I don’t even know if that will help.

Simply put, I am crazy lost. Any help moving the scene camera to proper coordinates would be wonderful. Take note that this is not a camera object we’re talking about.


Simply select an object in the hierarchy, move your cursor in the scene view and press f
This will “find” the object in the scene view and centre the camera on it.

Yes this has happened to me before. Just don’t move the camera during lightmapping :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,