Changing the splash screen background color

Is it possible to change the background of the splash screen, if I use a splash logo centered in the screen and would like the remainder of the screen to be white for example?

I'm referring to the splash screens on iOS and Android.

You can't change the splash screen unless you own Unity iOS Pro or Unity Android Pro. (In which case you can have whatever you want.)

You can change the color of the background that gets rendered through the properties panel of the selected camera.

  1. Select Camera in Hierarchy
  2. Go to the inspector window (w/ camera selected) and make sure the Camera rollout area is open
  3. Set the "Clear Flags" drop down to "Solid Color"
  4. Click the solid color bar labeled "Background" and you can set the color that that camera renders in the background.
  5. Hit "Save" .. and remember to make the change when you are NOT in play mode.

I found out how to get this to work in Windows 10 Store for Unity:

  • After you hit Build in the Build Settings window to build the Windows 10 project, load up your project in Visual Studio.
  • In the Solution Explorer go to Package.appxmanifest
  • Click on Visual Assets tab
  • You will see a text box called Splash Screen Background Color. Fill it in with a hex value (e.g. #ff0000 will be red)

Note that for my first attempt I tried to use the Player Settings inside Build Settings in the Unity Editor. I went to Splash Image and found a checkbox called Overwrite Background Color and tried setting that but it didn’t work.