Changing the Tint Color of Material To Change V

Ok so what I’m trying to do is change the brightness of a material by changing it’s “V” value in the Tint Color property. Not sure where to go from there though. This what I’ve got so far:

// The Material to change
var SkyboxMaterial : Material;

function Start () {
     // Set the initial tint

I’m trying to do this so I can Mathf.SmoothDamp my skybox from black to the blue color that it normally is. Any help would be appreciated.

You need to use

SkyboxMaterial.SetCOlor( “_Tint”, myColor );

to change the color. Not sure what you mean by V value. The V of a HSV color ?

Here is the solution -
RenderSettings.skybox.SetColor( “_Tint”,new Color(56.0f/255.0f, 32.0f / 255.0f, 14.0f/255f,128.0f/255.0f));