Changing time-relate variable to match with Time.timescale

I have coroutine with yield return WaitForSeconds. And I have a variable to limit player action by using "Time.time" For example "nextAction = Time.time + actionRate" just like in this example. My question is how should I exactly modify these variables to match with Time.timescale?

I understand that increasing timescale will make game run faster. So, I think that I should divide time in WaitForSeconds with timescale.

1) yield return WaitForSeconds(5/Time.timescale);

But for action rate, I've read this answer It said that Unity multiply Time.time with timescale so does that mean I should multiply action rate instead?

2) nextAction = Time.time + actionRate*Time.timescale;

Is this correct or not?

From many experiments, it looks like I don't need to change anything. That's great. Unity is smarter than I thought. - -b