Changing vertex colors break batching?

Hello everyone, i have to recolor some meshes on my scene, and since shader i use can work with vertex color, so i decided to try just change colors of vertexes runtime. But then i faced with increasing batches. Recolored mesh doesn’t batch with others, despite they share one material.
I decided to check it again and create empty project with two standart unity’s quads. Material use shader (Particles/AlphaBlended) and “Default particle” as Texture. Then i attached to one of quads script, that change its colors.

    void Start () {
    mesh = this.GetComponent<MeshFilter>().mesh;
    Color[] colors = new Color[mesh.vertexCount];
    for (int i = 0; i < colors.Length; i++)
        colors *=;*

mesh.colors = colors;

  • }*

But after all i get 2 batches, instead of 1. Enable script = 2 batches, disable script = 1batch. Same material, only 4 verts in each object. What have i missed? Where is my mistake? Shouldn’t it be batched?
I managed to get quads batched. First of all i changed in script mesh property, to sharedMesh, which is according to Unitydocs actuall asset in library. After that, as expected, all my quads became black. Then i changed script again and put mesh thing back. And here we are, 1 batch for at least 6 squads colored with different colors.
Anybody have a suggestions why is it works like that? I suspect, that i forget to turn off some checkbox somewhere, or read some manual article. Looks like, that changing shared mesh colors change something else as well. Any help?

You can still batch them after you have done changing vertex colors:

There’s nothing wrong with your understanding or your code. Vertex colours are assigned to the mesh, not material properties, so you can batch together meshes with different coloured verts just fine.

I can produce any number of different coloured quads using the steps you describe, as shown below (note that in order to get down to just one batch, I had to set the camera flag to “Don’t Clear” - drawing the background/skybox takes at least one batch on its own - I wonder if that is skewing your figures?)

Also be sure to have batching enabled under Project → Player Settings.

Ignore these lies… —Changing the vertex colors is building a new set of data that has to be sent to the gpu separately. That means a new batch.—