Changing weapon in-game

I want to know to to switch weapons in-game. I’ve got a chest that has a weapon inside, when i pick it upp it should go inside my inventory and when i double click it in my inventory i want to equip it instead of the sword im holding. I really need this for me and my friends project. Ty :slight_smile:

You need to be more specific in your question. It is much to broad.
Try to search around this site or the forums (Google indexes both sites very well).

If you give more specific detail, about how your current weapon is setup. Ill try to be more helpful.

I can recommend this package! There is a free version as well, but not sure what is covered in that package. The setup is easy to figure, although it is for a modern shooting system.

And I can recommend you the video tutorials at Master Indie - YouTube

His base video really explains how unity work, so you can write your own code.

Last but not least the great tutorials on making an RPG here is for sale | HugeDomains