Character and Camera motion smooth in Editor, but jitters in Build

My team and I have been struggling to get smooth character and camera motion in builds (in editor everything is smooth as butter). Once you start playing the game in a build, the character appears very jittery and the camera acts like it is getting hung up and second or so (this is less noticeable at higher framerates, but makes the game near unplayable at lower framerates of 40 or lower). We are using 5.6.3f1 and so far have tried every option possible as far as what we’ve come across on Unity Asks and the forums. Our characters use root motion and have rigidbodies, the camera of course does not.

Thus far we have tried:

  • Putting the camera in FixedUpdate, Update, and LateUpdate.
  • Trying tons of different methods to lerp the camera position and rotation
    to make it smooth.
  • Tried all update modes on the
    character’s animator Normal,
    AnimatePhysics, and Unscaled Time.
  • Tried having Interpolate on, off, and
  • Adjusting physics manager settings,
    including Default Contact Offset,
    Sleep Threshold, Default Solver
    Iterations, and Default Solver
    Velocity Iterations.
  • Lowering Time Scale in editor to try
    to reproduce the jitter in-editor,
    doing so does not reproduce jitter.
  • Capping framerate to 40, 30, 20, and
    10 in editor, doing so also does not
    reproduce jitter.

I think it is reasonable to assume that SOMETHING, some setting is getting changed in the build. Is this an actual Unity bug, or does anyone else have a similar problem or idea as to what is going on?

The root problem lies in the fact that the camera is not a Rigidbody. Basically whats happening is that the camera is not moving in sync with the rigidbody (one moves with unity’s engine and the other within unity’s physics engine). Simply make the camera a kinematic rigidbody, then apply rotations using rigidbody methods. Of course don’t forget to mark it: interpolated (or not if your player isnt although recommended).