Character Animation Issues

Alright I don’t know how else to word this. I have used the Tutorial scripts from MecanimTutes and I added the Botscript and Thirdpersoncamera script to the main camera. I had this same setup in a different project and it worked decent. Still kinda floated when running off a hill. But when I am running, walking, jumping, etc. and I run off ANY slope whether its a 0.001 Y Axis incline, my character keeps running on that 0.001 incline and SLOWLY declines back to the surface. This happens at any incline level. What is going on? I am also using the animations from the tutorial. (I watched and follow the tutorial to the Tee) If anyone knows how to fix this or any suggestions please fill me in! Thanks in advance.

Nevermind I figured out what was going on. My model was .9 times larger than the default model (size =1) and My gravity was still -9.81 specified for the .01 size model and I changed gravity to -50 and it worked perfect. I guess size does matter :stuck_out_tongue: