Character animation

Hi All,

I want to import character with animation from Blender to Unity.

How many vertices the character should be made of for Unity to render it in almost no time and how many frames the animation can be say for walking or running?

Thank u in advance

have a look at this:

also have a look at this site its is good because it explains next gen ploy count and vertices

the first link is all about unity's render and etc still have a look at both.

i would like to add in game industry there polygons count is some times less than 6000 depending on the game. but if the poly count becomes even higher than that it will render way to slow and give problems. for example in unity if you make a model and bring it in it triangulates the object so it makes triangles on them basically and if that goes over 7000 it may slow the game down. but keep in mind if you have a good graphics card and fast ram and etc you make be able to pull of even more but even then try keep it low as possible. For example if this was a web game it will contently slow down depending on people specs. now if you have next gen hardware you can pull of a lot of polygons and vertices.

hope this helps. read the second link even more.

also read this :

Verts are vertices and not usually considered for rendering limits although Unity does say it can't import meshes with more than 65,000 verts. normally what is considered is tris and polys. Of course this also depends on what genre of game you are making, for instance an MMO RPG will want a lot smaller poly count for the player as there is also loads of enemies, level, spells items etc to render. Where as shooters and platformers usually have a higher poly count for the player as it is contantly on screen and in focus.