Character assets bundles problems on skinned mesh


I am building a sets of characters for female and male in assets bundles systems based on character creation unity demo.

I used to have a female character that is working in the game and later I continue working with the male model. As a progress goes, I have updated the female models and re import it back to the character (changes for models and added some dummy points in to the bones for accessories attachment) then I got this error when I run the game.

"Number of bind poses doesn't match number of bones in skinned mesh." error in file ....\Runtime\Filters\Deformation\SkinnedMeshFilter.cpp at line : 163

I am using 3dsmax2010 Max format for the character model file with skinned mesh and FBX for animation file. I tried everything I could possibly think of by reskinning, change format to FBX and re export animation with updated skinned mesh and I still got this error. I've checked the forum about this error, and I am pretty sure that the animation bones are the same as the skinned mesh I am using.

The male version is working fine with all the animation and even can be shared using the female animation.


I'm almost certain it's a bug in Unity, not something wrong with your model. Removing your model from the scene (I know it's annoying) and adding it again usually solves the problem...