Character Body & Attaching Head that has Morphs

I am very new to Unity and I am looking for some advice on the best methods to do the following:

  • I am using 3D Studio Max for creating my models
  • I have a Body mesh and a Head mesh which needs to be kept separate when modeling
  • The Head Mesh has Morpher modifier to allow me to do detailed expressions which I am using Mega-Fiers asset to control
  • The Head and Body are both attached to the same skeleton rig to allow me to deform and move my character in unity
  • The Head and Body are using different texture maps for UV mapping
  • I am using the Unity Pro edition
  • I am using the Mega-Fiers asset from the Unity Store
  • I am using 3D Studio Max version 2010

So the questions I am asking is -

  • How would I be able to prevent the seam from where the head attaches to the body in unity itself?
  • Should I change the modelling process in 3D Studio Max in any way for preventing this seam?
  • Anything else I may have not thought about and any suggestions you may have are appreciated

Many Thanks


When you import the model add the modify object component and in the normal method select Mega instead of Unity then add the morph, that will stop the seams from showing there is a post on this on the forum MegaFiers thread